Paktia University will also have a special and comprehensive library

Paktia University will also have a special and comprehensive library.

After a lot of trying and attempting we could found enough Fund/budget for library building in Paktia University. This project designed, planned and will surveyed by the Ministry of Urban and development and housing. This building works will start as soon as possible. So we are so happy for this, that we will have a perfect library in Paktia University. This library building will have a wide and enough study hall, Book Archive office, Research rooms, electrical and online internet library and etc. regretfully, I’m so happy that I could Plan and design all our University Primary necessities with Dear university lecturers, Admins and professional bodies stuff in my chairmanship period in Paktia University. We knows for doing like this works/ projects we need a professional bodies stuff and regretfully I have this type of stuff in our university.

We says thanks and Appreciate  , that help us in founding of fund/budget for this projects, specially form Dear Afghan President Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Ghani special views, The Chairman of The House of Elders or Mesherano Jirga Dear Fazal Hadi Muslim Yar, The secretary of the President Dear  AR.Zeerak and The Minister of Financial Ministry Dear Dr. Muhammad hamayon Qaumi.

Thanks to the help and cooperation that could make most of the possible tasks in their support and the same cooperation. In this case now we have a great developments news in Paktia University.

Photos and pictures are copied from the pages of the Paktia Provincial state department of Urban and development and housing.

Professor Sayed Wali Jalalzai

Paktia University

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