Biography of PU's Vice Chancellor , Academic Affairs

Biography of Asst. Prof. Fida Mohammad Fida, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of Paktia University

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Assistant Professor Engineer Mr. Fida Mohammad Fida son of Jan Mohammad was born in Gardez City of Paktia Province of Afghanistan in 1947.

He completed his Primary and 1988 Education at Abdul-Hai High School, and then he completed his Upper Secondary Education at Ghar-ghasht High School in Khost Province in 1967.

In 1968 he enrolled to Kabul Polytechnic Institute and graduated from the mentioned institute in 1973. And then in year 1977 he was referred to Saint Petersburg Polytechnic Institute of Soviet Union for completion the Master Program, he completed it successfully and returned back to the country in 1979.

Work Experience:

He got job at Hydro technic Structures Department in 1979, then he worked as a Senior Secretary at Embassy of Afghanistan in Moscow (1986-1988).From year 1988 till 1989 he worked as Assistant of Economics Department at Affairs Administration. He lived abroad the country (1991-2004), and then he got job as Academic Cadre at Paktia University in 2006. Based on the request of Ministry of Higher Education and approval of Islamic Republic Government of Afghanistan he has been working as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of Paktia University since 2008.