Head Staff

A brief introduction with Office Manager of Paktia University

Name: Javid Ahmad Fazli

F/Name: Haji Noor Ahmad

D-O-B: 1365 Raees Khil village, Balada, Gardez City, Paktia province, Afghanistan

He have completed him first and primary education level study in Abdulhai Haigh School which is located in Gardez city Paktia Province, Afghanistan and graduated from Abdulhai Haigh School in 1383. Then he gave the Kankor Exam in 1385, in kankor exam Javid could pass and admit to the Gardening department, Agriculture faculty of Paktia University, he graduated from Agriculture faculty of Paktia University in 1388. Some of jobs that Dear Javid did before or doing now as below:

First job position:

Job Title: Social Worker

Job Location: IRD institution

Job Date:  from 1390 to 1393


Second Job position:

Job Title: Archive Manager

Job Location: Paktia University

Job Date: From 1390 to 1393

Third job position:

Title: senior manager

Job location: Paktia University General office

Job doing date: From 1393 to ongoing


Best Regard for Dear Javid Ahmad Fazli