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Associate Prof. Dr. Mir Ghousudeen Ghous Totakhel was born in 1958 in Khandkhel village of Sayed Karam district of Paktia province. Based on his competency test he began his elementary education in the fourth grade of Kundarkhel Primary School and completed his middle and high school in the same school in 1974. In 1975, he entered the Faculty of Agriculture at Kabul University and in 1979 successfully completed his higher education and he was awarded graduate degree. After going through and completion of military service, he served as general manager of Foreign Relations of the Aviation and Transportation Ministry in 1979.

 In 1984, he was awarded a scholarship in Bella Russia and went through two years of study and obtained a Masters diploma in Economics and Planning of transportation. After returning to Afghanistan he was assigned as General Manager of the Finance Planning Department at Ministry of Transportation.

Science in that time his field of study was not present in Kabul University thus in 1989, he started his Education the field of Agriculture Economics and Organization in Tajikistan and successfully completed the program with the support of the University leadership recommendation of Ministry of foreign Affairs of Afghanistan and Ministry of Higher Education of USSR.

In 1994 from institute of Scientific research of Uzbekistan, he completed his PHD degree in the economics science. From 1994 to 2004 he served in important posts of the international Rescue Committee (IRC).

Dr. Mir Ghousudeen Ghous Totakhel mostly taught various economic subjects according to Department of Economics of Agriculture Faculty. Currently he is a member of the academic staff of the Department of Economics of Agriculture Faculty of Paktia University. He has leaded students’ seminars and he has taken part many scientific conferences in which he has presented valuable ideas.

He was appointed as Head of the Agriculture Faculty in 2005 and carried forward the successfully the responsibilities. Now he serves as Paktia University student affairs deputy.