History of Agriculture Faculty of Paktia University:

Agriculture is considered highly important for economic and social development of Afghanistan. Considering the country’s natural and climatic conditions, economic and social development of Afghanistan will remarkably depend on its agricultural activities. Even if this sector faces a minor decrease in its importance on national economy of the country, agriculture is currently highly developed and it can be considered as the sectors which can ensure enough food, a way to overcome poverty and unemployment and a possible sector to fight against drug implanting and use.

Agriculture Faculty of Paktia University established in 1382 by establishing the Paktia University. Students of this faculty graduate with a good knowledge of the sector of agriculture. 

At the beginnings, the Faculty of Agriculture had two departments (Agronomy and Animal Science). Afterwards, it was divided into seven different departments (Agronomy, Animal Sciences, Plant Protection, Economics and Agricultural Extension, Horticulture, Forestry and Natural Resources, and Agriculture Engineering). But recently we have only 6 departments without Agriculture Engineering. The major aim of this Faculty is to provide professionals in Agriculture for our country and to help meet the world standards in the field of agriculture.