Mission and Vision


Mission & Vision:

Paktia university medical faculty’s purposes

General purpose:

Using a fair method to forward the knowledge of treatment with full trust to raise the level of education in terms of quantity and quality.

Special purpose:

1: Based on a proper schedule basic and fundamental study of human body structure, functions, continuous operations (Embryology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Histology, Physiology)

2: Basic & Fundamental study of conditions, functions, combinations and causes of abnormal cells, tissues, organs and systems for diagnosis and treatment of many simple and complicated diseases.

3 : Based on a specific curriculum basic study of getting history, physical radiology, and according to the knowledge of Laboratory examinations realizing abnormal conditions , making plan for treatment or we can say practicing all clinical subjects on patients or models.

4: Using new methods for diagnosing, treating and researching for diseases or we can say discovering latest researches for solving medical problems.

5: Human health modality, protection, strength, stages of life (social, psychological, nutritional and epidemiological) factors, genetically factors, effects of culture and religion, health attention, self-protection, rebuilding & basic study of public health (Prevention Medicine) in a national, local and international level.

6: Teaching Medical ethics to have a good behavior with patients and colleagues.

7: Human resources development in designing educational and practical programs


Dr. Maail khan Mangal (Dean of Medical Faculty) Paktia University.