Mission and Vision



Paktia Univeristy, Medical Faculty is a Government Public sector faculty, which is introducing its graduates in  feild of Medicine, with all national and international Standerds. our mission is achievement of a high quality education, training and rescearch and introduction of new young generation with all capibalities of creative activity, scholarly inquiry, development of knowledge, and providing health servicer to community at national and international levels.



  • Improvement and Standerdization of education and training according to national and international needs.
  • Providing basic health facilities to humanity specially poor comunity among others.
  • introducing health professonals to national and internationl community, with standerd education, practiacal skill, and creative tallent, inorder to provide the community with improvement of all aspects of health and economical status.
  • develompent of medical teaching pattern in undergraduate, postgraduate, and all other medical branches so as to fascilitate high standerd of medical education.
  • raising a development-oriented scientific research in all aspects of medical profession.