Biography of Dean of Faculty

Biography of Dr.  Maail Khan Mangal (Dean of Medical) Faculty Paktia University.


Mr. Maail khan “Mangal” son of Ayoub khan was born in 1989 in Paktia province, Mirzaka district, Andwam village. He completed his primary & secondary education at Abdulhai Gardezi high school and got his bacheloria with a great grade from the mentioned school in 2007, after completion of the school he succeeded to Shaikh Zayed University Medical Faculty through entry (kankor) exam in 2007. He graduated from medical faculty in 2014, and also he completed his practical work in a hospital related to higher education and got his MD Degree. He started his job as Pediatrics interior doctor in Paktia provincial civil hospital in 2014 and work in the mentioned hospital for 2 years. In 1394 he was appointed as the lecturer of the Pediatrics interior in Paktia University Medical faculty. He promoted to the (Assistant Lecturer) position in 1395/6/27. By the request of the university's top management, after he appointed as assistant of Medical Faculty and performed this task for one year.

Based on the decision of top management and academic council of the university he was appointed as Acting Dean of Medical Faculty, After the University’s Chancellor requested him for formal Deanship to the MoHE, and they accepted this request and now he is the formal Dean of Medical Faculty Since 2 years.