‌ Biography of Dean of Faculty


  • Short introduction about chief of faculty:                                
  • Name: Noor Anwar (Faroqi)
  • F/Name: Muhammad Anwar
  • Started lecturer job at Paktia University: 1392/07/4
  • Academic level:  Assistant Professor
  • Department: Justice and prosecutionڅارنوالي))
  • Scientific/Education Degree: Masters (L.L.M)
  • Job: Director and Lecturer of political science faculty at University of Paktia.
  • Permanent address: Morgai village, Pachiragam district, Ningarhar province.
  • Date of Birth: 1368

Graduated from Pachiragam high school in 1386 in A grade/ first position, also graduated from Law and Political Sciences faculty, department of Justice and prosecution. He got Master degree in Law from Ningarhar University in 1395.