Historical Background of Faculty:

The Faculty of Law and Political Science established by the needs of country and  Paktia province region in Paktia University in the year of 1390. From established up to now this faculty made many developments in lot of progress. This faculty divide by two departments as:
Ø Diplomacy and Administration
Ø Judges and prosecutors
This faculty train Male/Female students in twice departments. This faculty have 5th period graduation students ceremony, we have 387 graduated students up to now. As you know the law and political science faculty of Paktia University is new and young established faculty. Initially at the beginning of this faculty, we had a number of contracting professors including Paktia University, Sheikh Zaid University, now we have a professional lecturer which is graduated from other national universities of Afghanistan. That’s can be useful to reaching of faculty Goals. Regretfully now the law and political science faculty have master level professional lecturer. This lecturer teach the student very well by specific and better method of studies. Also this faculty have a good Administrative staff/Personnel for better administration works efficiency as we know up to now they are doing well.