Biography of Dean of Faculty

Biography of Dean of Faculty


Biography of Asst. Prof. Yar Mohammad Paktin, Dean of Languages and Literature Faculty

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Asst. Prof. Yar Mohammad Paktin son of Nimatullah is from Paktia Province, He was born in 1976 in an educated family in Kabul Province.

He started primary education at Kohsin High School then he started secondary education at the other side of the border at Abdullah Ibin Masod High School in Hango, Kohat, Pakistan and completed it in 1992.  In year 1993 he started his higher education in field of Pashto Language and Literature at Social Science Faculty of Dawat ul Jahad University, then two years after starting the faculty the university has closed. After nine years break he introduced to Kabul University in 2002 to complete rest of his education, in 2003 he graduated from Languages & Literature Faculty especially from Pashto Language &Literature Department and got BA degree in Pashto Language and Literature.

After graduation he worked with Independent Election Commission in 2004 Presidential and Provincial Election, also have worked as a journalist with Shamshad TV in southern provinces of Afghanistan (Paktia, Paktika and Khost).

   In 2004 beside of reporting career also he worked as a lecturer at Education Faculty of Paktia University, after that  he worked as the head of Pashto Language and Literature  department in 2009 ,then he has introduced to Kabul University for completion the Master program, He completed his MA in field of Pashto Language & literature. During MA he worked as a Lecturer at Kabul University too.

 During education he wrote different articles and other academic articles for different magazines.

   Now He is working as the Dean of Languages & Literature Faculty of Paktia University.