Pashto Language and Literature Department


Pashto language and literature department 


            Paktya university language and literature faculty Pashto department is one of the newly activated department. That department is located in primary stage and being in under development. Pashto language and literature department with his specific purpose was activated in 2013. On that time, it has just 2rd year students whom are released from education faculty. But in 2014 it has first and 2nd classes which has (280) students in number. Also with its other substance it has reasonable library.


Paktya university language and literature faculty, Pashto department wants to serve and do awesome services to Lar and Bar pashtoons mother tongue Pashto. Although, they wants to employee trained and professional people to pashtoon society whom have Islamic and Pashtoons manner.


            Pashto language and literature department’s specific goal is that to train professional people to sarve their own language and make it rich and wealthy to be top of the world wide list of language. Also internationally people know about pashtoons and their ancient Pashto language by its really meaning. And according to its professional, all pashtoons and universal people solve their problems and get all their necessity from its publications.

            Paktya university language and literature faculty Pashto department is preferring high quality and Islamic values. Even though this department attempt to serve Islamic, expert and responsible professors for their students, to solve their society’s challenges and do responsible services for their cracked and destroyed society.

Pashto department has bellow instructors

  1. Assistant professor Sultan zahid          ( Head of department )
  2.  Assistant professor Ahmadullah kargar      ( instructor  )
  3. Assistant professor Ihsanullah pamir             (instructor )
  4. Assistant professor Arifullah Haqparast        (instructor )
  5. Assistant professor Imal Khamar                     (instructor )


In the future will be increase the number of instructors


Mr. Sultan Zahid’s Biography, Head of Pashto department, language and literature faculty, Pakya University


Mob No: 0093(0)772648130

            Assistant professor sultan zahid son of Haji Rahmat gul is from paktya province, district siyd Karm, was born in Khyber pakhtonkhwa Tall region in 1988. Mr. zahid started his primary education in hazrat sohil bin biza primary school which is located in Darsamand area. After that, he immigrated with his respected family to peshawer city, so he hold intermediate and high secondary qualification from hazrat qias bini saad high school in 2007. Although during his high school period he got many certificates in English language and computer section from different institutes in peshawer. Later on, for the aim of higher education he joined language and literature faculty in Shikh Zahid university in khost province in 2009, and within his four year university period he got top merit marks and first position in 2012. After his qualification, Mr. Zahid studied in networking field in pshawer and later on after one year he joined paktya university, language and literature faculty, Pashto department as lecturer post, which was recomanded from higher education ministry. This post was independently recruited from ministry of higher education, and Nangarhar University was authorized to take the entry test. Even though, 12 appliers joined the test and Mr. Zahid hold first position among them. So for Ministry of Higher Education released him to Paktya University, language and literature faculty as lecturer. Now besides his teaching, he is nominated Head of Pashto department. Mr. zahid is active participant of cultural activities of university, and published several essays in different scientific and cultural magazines.