Vision and Mission of Languages and Literature Faculty

Vision and Mission of Languages and Literature Faculty


    Languages & Literature Faculty has some visions, first heeds with their facilities in academic and cultures field to rival in an international level. Second culture prosperity fakir for the society and wants to bring positive changes in ideas of people. Then this faculty wants to have some wise from other international languages to have some information.


    Languages& Literature Faculty has some important aims to implement it in the future. First, provide an appropriate lessons and prefect environment. Second wants to graduate students in national, international and accepted values in level of BA and MA.


     Languages& Literature Faculty has some specific missions. First, carry out Ministry of Higher Education’s curriculum which is based on the Credit System. Second study string and power of target Ministry of higher education. Third, help the civil society and progress relationships with the other administrations and society. Monitor implanting process of the short term and long term education plan of the faculty. In addition, the faculty wants to support and convince activates of the lecturers, students society and sports programs.


History of Languages & Literature Faculty

             Languages and Literature Faculty was established by requesting of Paktia University from Ministry of Higher Education in 1391-1392.

This faculty had three departments including (Pashto, Dari and English) on its first year which had about 371 male and 4 female students.

In 1393, Languages and Literature Faculty established Journalism Faculty which has about two instructors and 66 students. 

This faculty plans to establish two new departments (Arabic in 1394 and Deutsche in 1395).

Currently in 1392, this faculty has first, second and third grade in Pashto and Dari Departments, first and second grade in English Department and first grade in Journalism and Public Media.

This faculty has 17 official cadre members (instructors) in four departments and 585 students who 7 of them are female.  

Currently, employment of three new instructors for this faculty is in progress. They were assigned as following: two for Dari Department, and one of them for English Department. The cadre members will be up to 20 in 1393. This faculty decides to increase the number of cadre members (instructors) up to 26 in 1394.