‌ Biography of Dean of Faculty

       Najibullah Totakhiel

 Dean of Economics Faculty


According to the presidential decree No. 783, Date: 26/07/2018, Mr. Najibullah Totakhiel has been appointed as the dean of Economics Faculty of Paktia University. Mr. Totakhiel has MSc in Management and Economics from RUB Germany and BA in National Economy from Economics Faculty of Kabul University.

Mr. Totakhiel has been employed as the faculty member of Paktia University in 2010. He has been teaching many courses at the faculty and University such as research methodology, statistics and econometrics, microeconomics, environmental economics, Islamic economics and statistical programs like Eviews 8.1 and Frontier 4.1.

Beside the teaching and deanship, he heads two committees of the faculty (Research committee & Exams committee) and he is member of several other committees of the faculty and university, too.

Publications of Najibullah Totakhiel:

  1. Totakhiel, Najibullah. 2012. Guide of Statistics and Research. (Published in printed version by NCPR or National Centre for Policy Research at Kabul University, Afghanistan)
  2. Totakhiel, Najibullah. 2016 Determinants of Technical Efficiency of Wheat Production in Afghanistan: The Case of Wheat Farmers in Paktia Province. IEE. DAAD 6(1), 1-16. Available from: http://afghaneconomicsociety.org/index.php/publications/economics-publications/135-deckblatt-totakhiel