The Economics Faculty of Paktia University was founded in 2014, in other words, it is the seventh Faculty of Paktia University which activated at the end of the first decade of founding the University.

Currently the seven lecturers regularly teach around 150 students in field of Management and Planning,

Since this is a new created faculty, so there needs to fund and equip some necessary equipment and furniture like chairs, desks, shelves, computers, projectors, printers, copier, scanner, for the faculty’s classrooms, library and offices. Moreover there needs for activating internet center at the faculty’s library, furthermore an online education center is also necessary for the faculty.

The faculty currently has seven lecturers and needs to increase the number of lecturers in near future, beside of it need to create Master and Doctoral program’s opportunities for improving the educational degrees of the Faculty’s lecturers. 

The Faculty’s teaching program is based on the Credit System and for admitting at faculty as a student needs to get specific points at university entry exam (Kankor) which is determined by Ministry of Higher Education