Mission and Vision



As a governmental institution the Economics Faculty of Paktia University trains qualified students at Bachelor level and has following mission:

  • By creating economic values, knowledge and skills making the students able to get success by using them in their vocational fields.
  • Supply educational services in field of economics for the needing and demand of national and international labor markets.
  • Improving educational degrees of the faculty’s academic cadres to get ability of performing research at primary and higher level, and by this way find effective and beneficial solutions for the existent problems in the country’s economy and public administrations.

Contribution of the faculty’s lecturers, students and staff in activates that are caused improving the civil society, business enterprises and public administrations. This work is done by scientific researches, consultations, and training programs of the lecturers and students



The Economics Faculty of Paktia University is undertaken to supply higher quality educational services based on international academic and scientific standards, according internationally accepted curriculum with modern technology in fields’ of Management and Planning. For improving and developing such services creates and continues partnerships withthe other national and international credible universities and organizations