Biography of Dean of Faculty

Dean’s Biography

Hazratullah Paktin is engineering faculty’s third acting dean after Mr. Faiz Muhammad Spinwal and Naqibullah Zazai. He is the young among all whose term as the acting dean began on July 1, 2015.

The invasion of Soviet Union forced his family to leave the homeland and moved to Kurram Agency of Pakistan. He has grown up there. His family was well known in education in everyone was impressed by them. He finished his school term in 2004 having held first position from 12th class. He successfully passed the entry test (Kankor examination) to the university and found the way to Civil Engineering Department of Engineering Faculty of Shaikh Zayed University which is one of the top Universities of Afghanistan. 

He successfully completed his Bachelor degree in the named field in 2009. He had taken active part in reconstruction process of his country after graduation for consecutive three years.  

Finally in 2012, he decided to take part in the rearing of young generation and present them well educated to society so, he became a lecturer at Civil Engineering Department of Engineering Faculty of Paktia University. He has been teaching with his full energy and enthusiasm up to now and takes active parts in administration department.

As per his best performance in faculty level, he was assigned as the Head of Civil Engineering Department (HoD) in March 2013. He worked hard as the Head of the Department in his almost two and a half year’s tenure and turned the faces of University academic staff to himself.   

Lastly, he has been assigned as the acting Dean of Engineering faculty in the result of a decision made by the academic council of University on 1st July, 2015 and has been doing very well up to date.



Dean’s Message

Technical Education plays a vital role in the development of the country.    Institutes offering program in Engineering & Technology have contributed much in the construction projects of the country.  The University of Paktia has helped the society in training students in different disciplines. 

The faculty is committed to producing graduates who have a depth of knowledge in their major fields of study and breadth of general knowledge to address issues of the society.  Our faculty is not much experienced though well qualified.  They are imparting education to their students according to the latest techniques / standard, using modern tools of engineering and other network facilities. 

The Faculty has established a team for quality, which strives to continuously improvement and maintain the highest quality of education, keeping in mind the national and international academics standards.


Dean of Engineering Faculty

Hazratullah Paktin