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Background: AHEP is intended to motivate the professors in different faculties across Afghanistan for using the AHEP portal. GLP staff will train faculty members and help them toward the use of the portal library by sharing and accessing educational resources in Pashto and Dari. The professors would be taking part in an online discussion with their counterparts in other provinces and sharing their opinions on different educational issues and subject matters. They would also upload educational resources to the AHEP library. The main goal of AHEP is to create a network of education faculties across the country.
AHEP is accessible in three interfaces Dari, Pashto and English.

Afghanistan Medical Education Community:
The Afghanistan Medical Education Community (AMEC) is a collaborative website for medical educators from Afghanistan’s medical colleges. AMEC provides medical educators with opportunities to improve their knowledge of medicine and teaching, and to meet and correspond with peers in Afghanistan and around the world.
AMEC supports the medical education component of the Afghanistan Higher Education Project (HEP), which strengthens pre-service medical and nursing training at Afghan public universities. It is implemented by the Global Learning Portal (GLP), a global education technology alliance at the non-profit Academy for Educational Development (AED). You can access this community at


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