Welcome to Paktia University

Despite its daily activities such as: educational, administrational, and others, the chancellor office of Paktia University and it’s honorable teachers, employers, and servants have achieved the following developments:

  1. A cooperation contract between Paktia and Shiekh Zayad University has been assigned through which the standardization of promotions, academic seminars, cadre tests, and renewal of curriculum is under process. This will further strengthen our university.
  2. A contract of 48 million Afghanis has been assigned for IT and its solar system to facilitate all the educational, administrational, and hostel buildings with internet. All of the teachers and students will be able to use it freely. This project has been started earlier and will be completed soon.
  3.   A contract of (67.48 million Afghanis) has been assigned to construct a building for political faculty. Its constructional activities have already been started.
  4. Lots of damage and devastation was made after the last big explosion. Therefore, we contracted (9.9 million Afs) to repair and rebuild the buildings.  These activities are kept under surveillance by a joint team of Paktia University and the provincial office of Paktia province.

Getting carpets and curtains of the girls’ hostel and 128 file cabinet are also included in the contract.

  1. 1000 square meter pavements are concreted which is financially supported by people and students.
  2. 1000 PAYEE computer, 20 PAYEI cabinets, 5 PAYEI office desks, and 8 PAYEI podiums have been sold which were funded from the developmental budget. They are used practically at the university.
  3. 312 modern chairs have been sold for medical faculty auditoriums.
  4. We have gained 1.2 million Afs, three times more than previous, budget for maintenance superintendent.
  5. Different kinds of tools and equipment have been sold for the kitchen and dining rooms of university costing 1.3 million Afs.
  6. An agreement has been made with Azizi Bank to make sure that the conspiracies in transparency are eliminated. Therefor, 5000 students made their bank cards through which they can get their money there. They installed an Automatic Transfer Machine (ATM) in the university which costs 80000 American dollars.

Based upon this agreement all of the boards of university are renewed and further support is promised.

  1. 24 cabinets, 35 office chairs, and 40 office and tea tables are brought from the provincial office of IRC. This furniture is being used now.
  2. 450 blankets have been distributed to the teachers, workers, servants, and girls in hostel which were aided by Alokozay Group of Companies.
  3. 1396 is the first year ever that Paktia University has paid all its loans.
  4. An aerial bridge, funded by IRC directorate, has been made to help the students cross the road safely to university.
  5. Paktia University built cadre hospital first time by little self and complete support of Paktia Health Directorate. People can get the services in official time.
  6. We made a contract with Paktia Health Directorate through which 60 students can do their internship and others their medical practicum there.
  7. 400 students can do practicum in Paktia Agriculture Directorate based on the agreement we have made with them.
  8. 200 students of Economics Faculty can do their practicum in the office of revenue, Azizi Bank, Directorate of Economics, Municipality, Custom, and Chamber of Commerce and Industries.
  9. The administration of Paktia University assigned an agreement of cooperation for Political Faculty with Human Rights Commission by which students can get trainings on different kinds of topics.
  10. Students of languages and literature and journalism can work and join with Non FM radio station based on the agreement we have made with them.
  11. A well-equipped computer lab which is also facilitated by internet is provided for both male and female students inside university.
  12. We installed 20 computers by which an access to online e-books is facilitated.
  13. 3500 books have been placed in the library of university.
  14. The library’s accommodation has been expanded from 30 students to more than 100 students.
  15. We handed over some of the tools and books to strengthen the libraries of faculties.
  16. Every single faculty is given a printer. Departments of Computer Science and English Language are also facilitated by screens.
  17. The educational and administrational progresses have been evaluated. The results have been shared along with comments and revisions with related faculties.
  18. We keep our institution away of the effects of people who are socially empowered based on the conclusive decrees of the president and provincial administration.
  19. Blood-shedding is usual in our country.  To substitute this situation with blood-drawing, we have registered all the students’ blood groups and addresses which can help us make a quick and urgent access to any kind of group needed in the public hospitals.
  20.  We advised all the faculties and departments in evaluation to work on their curriculums. This activity is almost completed under the direct supervision of the chancellor of the university.
  21. Lessons’ progress and plans of every teacher have been repeatedly assessed by the leadership of Paktia University.
  22. 1400 seedling and more than 400 flowers have been planted to beautify the environment of university.
  23. Among thousands tree, there were lots of trees that weren’t watered even once a year, but now a system has been organized through which every plant of tree is watered twice a week.
  24. A solar system costing 200,000 Afghanis and funded by Tera Youth Association has been fixed on the biggest well of university to ensure that every single tree will be watered on due date.
  25. The administrational rooms of all the faculties have connected with the internet funded from university budget.
  26. All the documents are preserved in the archive.
  27. Students are motivated to present academic seminars and conferences on national issuer. The first conference has been presented by the student of Economic faculty Izatullah Aryan at the general auditorium of Paktia University.
  28. Municipality of Paktia has practically started building outside pavements of Paktia University because of the persistence of our administration.
  29. Letters of appreciation have been given to all those faculties and departments who had acted well.
  30. We, in collaboration with the provincial office of Paktia, arranged a siting to praise all the retired teachers of Paktia University. This will persuade other teachers to work hard and honestly.
  31. All the projects of rehabilitation are strictly overseen in cooperation with directorate of SHAHAR-SAZI to avoid any probable cases of corruption.
  32. We have launched the first talks with older universities such as: Kabul University and Kabul Polytechnic to provide academic assistance agreements with them.
  33. We will soon assign the contract of assistance with to universities of India. The first talks have already been done.
  34.   Doctor Tamim Ikhlas, a participant of Hella Educational Company, has made a trip to Paktia University. He promised that he would make discounts in fees for all teachers and students willing to get education in Russia.
  35. We have hired female workers in girls’ hostel. Students are facilitated in all areas to live and accommodate without threats.
  36. Female students are given stoves and woods during final examinations in the autumn.
  37. The Master plan of Paktia University is very close to be completed.
  38. We have particularized a quick speed car for female students’ hostel through which they can solve their problems and have their needs on time.
  39. Fields of grasses and vases of flowers are placed and planted inside university which you can see here.
  40. We have sent two workers of IT department to Kabul University for three months to raise their professional qualifications.
  41. 29 teachers have left for getting their MASTER in different countries in the last year. This can let us expect a better future of Paktia University.
  42. It’s the first time, we have introduce some teachers to foreign short term courses or fellowships.
  43. 60 teachers have got their academic promotions. Their approvals have been sent without any delay and problem by the ministry of higher education.
  44. We held tens of academic councils, administrational councils, and other conventions to develop further the university and make good decisions.
  45. 10 academic research proposals are funded by international bank. We have got the approval. Besides that 6 more academic research proposals are funded by the embassy of India.
  46. 30 conferences have been held on important topics by teachers in the last year.
  47. Two teachers of Paktia University participated the City National Conference in Kabul. They have got the first and third positions.
  48. We prepared a list of hundreds tools of laboratory and thousands of books to the International bank in collaboration with the ministry of higher education.
  49. We have prepared an operational and contrivance plan for 1397.
  50. Based on a special decree of the presidential office project plans for the upcoming ten years have been prepared and sent to the ministry of higher education.
  51. We are going to rehabilitate all blocks and building of university, so we are supposed to be specialized additional budget.
  52. After lots of hard working we have been able to get budget for new general library and it’s building from the ministry of higher education, and hope that ministry of finance won’t economize that.
  53. The dining room, computer science, and kindergarten buildings’ designs and proposals are sent to the ministry of higher education. Their fulfillment is followed by the leadership of Paktia University.
  54. We have bought a new coaster which can solve some of our problems in transportation.
  55. In cooperation with the presidency of Teachers’ Union of Paktia University, we have made a petition through which we will get more ground for further expansion and development of our university. Its official fulfillments have been done in the ministry of higher education and now it is in the directorate of ARAZI.
  56. A request of 1000 JRIB land, establishment of four new faculties, and hostel buildings accommodating 6000 students has been received to the presidential office.

In 1397 we’ll focus more on quality of all departments and faculties, greenery inside and outside the university, repairmen of the buildings, and other needed activities which can further develop and expand the university.

Kind regards,