Faculty of Languages and Literature Persian Dari Department

The Department of Persian Dari Language and Literature has a standard system and provides services in line with national and international academic standards and enjoys a high and quality position in the country and region.


The Farsi Dari Department of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Literature of Paktia University is one of the leading departments in the production and promotion of Persian Dari language and literature as well as the department committed to responding to the needs of the society. Providing and providing research advice to the community is one of the important missions and tasks of this department.


1- Protection of national religious and cultural values.

2- Providing balanced and quality educational services

3- Academic development and enrichment of the department, responding to the needs of the society.

4- Not using existing and effective educational opportunities to increase the capacity of academic staff.

5- Strengthening the culture of study, extensive research activities in scientific, literary and cultural fields.

6- Strong support for cultural, educational and scientific activities.

7- Respect and accountability of the principle of good governance.

8- Prevention of prejudice, violence, administrative and moral corruption.

9- Creating good educational programs and opportunities.

10- Training of academic and professional cadres.

11- Having good and friendly relations with the university and other national and international institutions on the basis of good intentions and cooperation.