Biography of Academic Vice Chancellor

Biography of Academic Vice Chancellor of Paktia University



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Allhaj assistant professor Abdullah Ahmadi son of Allhaj Khair Gul was born in a noble and religious family in 1978 in Tangi valley, Sayed Abaad district of Wardak province. He has completed Imam Abu Hanifa (Ra) High School in 1996 there in his village.  After passing Kankor exam in the same year; he could successfully enrolled in agriculture faculty of Kabul University. Mr. Ahmadi was graduated by getting highest marks from above mentioned faculty. Consequently to graduation, he was hired in a local school as a teacher to serve his society.

Assistant professor Ahmadi has passed successfully the entrance exam which was taken by Ministry of Higher Education for the position as university instructor in agriculture faculty of Paktia University in Paktia province of Afghanistan in 2006. In 2007, he went to India to complete his master’s degree. After completing his master’s degree at Agriculture University of Banglor, he returned to the home country and started his job as vice chancellor in finance and administrative affairs of Paktia University. Ahmadi wanted to get his PH.D degree; therefore, he went to King Abdul Aziz University of Sudi Arabia in 2014. He has successfully awarded the degree for PH.D in 2017 and returned back to the home country Afghanistan. Mr. Ahmadi was proposed as academic vice chancellor of Paktia University by Ministry of Higher Education to the presidential office of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and due to an order from president, besides being as instructor in agriculture faculty; he works as     academic vice chancellor of Paktia University.