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Paktia University presents quality higher education, better academic research, and spread better education through professional lecturers, thus, it will be trustworthy centre at national and international level..




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4 months ago

Chancellor Message

Today the world, that owns the prestige of a single village and our country as a home of it, is seriously needed for training, higher education, specialized and professional studies. The facilities and services of this tied era can only be accessed by education and technology.



Assistant Professor Obaidullah Akhundzada

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Thu, Mar 09 2023 10:00 AM
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Vacancies for Teaching Positions:

In 2023, Paktia University accepts candidates at Doctoral, Master and Bachelor levels in order to recruit lecturers in the following fields, for the first time:

Faculty of Agriculture: . . .

Sun, Feb 19 2023 12:11 PM
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د پکتیا پوهنتون علمي کادري بستونو خبرتیا

د پکتیا پوهنتون د (دوییم او درییم) ځل لپاره په لاندې څانګه کې د ۱۴۴۴ هـ.ق کال لپاره د دوکتورا، ماسټر او لېسانس په کچه علمي کادر ته اړتیا لري:

د طب پوهنځی
عصبي جراحي ډيپارټمنټ (۳) بسته . . .

Mon, Feb 13 2023 12:19 PM
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Paktia University, 07/ 02/ 2023:

The professional exam for the (7) vacancies of lecturer positions related to Ghazni Technical University and Higher Education Institution of Paktika was taken in Paktia University. . . .

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Tue, May 16 2023 9:28 AM
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د ۱۴۴۴ کال، شوال ۲۰مه، پکتیا پوهنتون

د پکتیا پوهنتون اړوند تدریسي روغتون له چارو څخه د نړیوالو عاجلو طبي مرستو موسسې مسؤلینو لیدنه وکړه.
د پکتیا پوهنتون علمي چارو مرستیال د نړیوالو عاجلو طبي مرستو موسسې له مسؤلینو څخه د. . .

Wed, May 10 2023 2:07 PM
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د ۱۴۴۴ کال، شوال ۱۷مه، پکتیا پوهنتون

پکتیا پوهنتون کې د تضمین کیفیت کمېټې ناسته د پوهنتون د رئیس پوهنمل عبیدالله اخندزاده تر مشرۍ لاندې ترسره شوه.
ناسته کې چې د علــمي چارو مرستیال پوهنمل سیف الرحمن روهي، مالي او اداري چارو. . .

Sat, May 06 2023 2:57 PM
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11th Shawal 1444 AH, Paktia University

11th Shawal 1444 AH, Paktia University

 An anti-littering campaign aimed environmental protection was launched at Paktia University. At this campaign university's chancellor Senior. . .