Biography Of Chancellor

Assistant Professor Obaidullah Akhundzadah, son of Mawlawi Abdul Jalil Akhundzada, he is  from kunjak  village of center of Logar province; he was born in 1988. Mr Akhundzadah studied primary school in Khayber Pashtonkhwa of Paktistan and studied secondary high school in Kolangar High School of Logar province. He is graduated from Law and Political science faculty of Nanagarhar University in 2010. Mr. Akhundzadah got job as Assistant Professor at the department of administration and diplomacy of Law and political science faculty at Paktia University. He have written various text books and published several academic articles on national and international Journals.

Finally, he is selected as chancellor of Paktia University in November of 2021 by the choice Ministry of Higher Education of Islamic Emarite of Afghanistan.

chancellor of Paktia University

Assistant Professor: Obaidullah Akhundzadah

0093 767790600