Dean of Languages and Literature Faculty

Biography of Asst. Prof. Rahimullah Dauoodzai Dean of Languages and Literature Faculty, Paktia University

Former Dean of the language and literature Faculty

 Rahimullah Dauoodzai, son of Nooruddin, was born in 1991 in Gardez City, Paktia Province, in a scientific and religious family. He studied the common and conventional religious sciences of his time with Islamic Imam of Masjid and after completing the legal age of school, he was enrolled in Abdul Hai Gardizi High School and successfully accomplished his baccalaureate studies in 2008. Passing the National Entrance Exam, he was admitted in the Department of Persian Dari, Education Faculty, Paktia University. In 2012, he got his B.A degree with remarkable grades. Mr. Dauoodzai was formally hired as an academic cadre (member) in Dari Department right after the establishment of Languages and Literature faculty within the framework of Paktia University. So far, he has been working, in addition to teaching, on other assigned tasks in the scientific and administrative fields, doing it with full enthusiasm and honesty. Based on his outstanding performance and successful background, Mr. Dauoodzai was appointed as the Vice-Chancellor of the Faculty of Language and Literature and the Head of the Department of Persian/Dari, in 2014. Asst. Prof. Dauoodzai obtained his M.A degree in 2018 from Kabul University. Considering the necessity, the leadership of Paktia University decided to assign Mr. Dauoodzai on a leadership position, so based on the proposal No. 465 dated 9/6/1443 AH of the Ministry of Higher Education and the order of No. 1139 dated 7/6/1443 AH, in accordance with 11/19/1400 Khorshidi, the Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, has been appointed to the second position as the Dean of the Faculty of Language and Literature. So far, Mr. Rahimullah Dauoodzai has been working as dean of faculty. It is worth mentioning that he has also published some research articles in national and international journals and still committed to work hard and add something beneficial to the Afghan society in the field of education.