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Former Head of the Department:

English Department

The department of English Language and Literature was established in the framework of education faculty in 2013. The department has graduated three batches in (2016-2017-2018), and has five academic members. The first Head of the Department was Professor Gul Alam Alam from 2013 to 2016.


English department of education faculty want to be an outstanding center for knowledge and talent advancement in education throughout the region. It will give students a sense of citizenship in a larger community by encouraging participation in diverse and international course works and programs.


English department provides mission for leadership and support for the professional development of instructional methodology, English proficiency, English Language & Literature Instruction and Sociology for different levels. The program will develop and advance holistic talents in the field of education through innovative academic programs, conductive seminar and presentation, and sustainable research.


Academic Staff:


                              Sayed Rahman Sial                                                   

                              M.A. English Linguistics                                    +93-786022177

                              Head and lecturer                                            



                              Abdulbasir Zamani                                                    

                              M.A. English Literature                                             +93744848434

                              Teaching Assistant                                                     




                               Bilal Waziri Junior                                          

                               M.A. English Literature                                                     +93774327330

                               Teaching Assistant                                                     



                               Saifullah Muslim                                                     

                               M.A. English (ELT Specialization)                           +93777558970

                              Junior Teaching Assistant