Biography Of Chancellor


Pohandoi Seydwali Jalalzai was born in 1360 Hijri Shumsi in Gardiz, the capital of Paktia parovince, Nesthicoat.

He has studied primary school abroad during immigration and has completed secondary studies in Paktia province Abdulhai High School. He went to Nangarhar University through entrance examination and received his bachelor there in agriculture in 2006.

After that, he has been appointed as a lecturer at Paktia University Department of Agronomy. He has taught there with a great zeal and enthusiasm for a year. Then, he went to India for getting master. He completed this program successfully with a great percentage in 2010.

He returned his beloved country and started teaching in Paktia University. After he taught for a year and six months, he got India again to get Ph.D. degree funded by the Afghan government which he completed successfully in 2015. He also received an award from the International Union of Students during his studies. He returned again to his own country and considered teaching the Afghans as a great priority, as it actually is, in comparison with other jobs and positions of higher ranks.

During his working period, he played a vital role in numerous committees of development and evaluation, financial aids, and greenery to develop and advance the university. He carried on his efforts and work day and night to ensure institution’s situation.

He was selected as the head of his own department in 2015. Because of his honesty and loyalty regarding his own duty, he was appointed as the dean of faculty; besides that, he was chosen as the president of the teachers union of Paktia University in 2016. Finally, he openly competed and won this post (Chancellor of Paktia University). Therefore, he was requested as the chancellor of Paktia University by the ministry of higher education, and was appointed on this position by the verdict of the president of Afghanistan on (1394/10/4). He is still busy in this job. Looking to his earlier achievement in his career, may Allah (SWT) grant him the same and even further success in his job to serve Paktia University?

Chancellor of Paktia University
Brief Introduction of Pohandoi Seydwali Jalalzai 

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