Chancellor Message

Chancellor Message :

Today, the world is like a village, and our country is like a home in this village. The world needs to education, higher education and professional studies, seriously. Without technology, living is impossible in this village, and the technology can be accessed only through knowledge and education. 

Along their work, the presidency of the Paktia University worked hardly to reactivate the website for the University in order to share the achievements and researchs through it with people. Alhamdulillah, problems are resolved in this regard and the website is reactivated. 

We expect from the responsibles of IT of the Ministry of Higher Education to be very careful with the websites of all Universities in the next time, so that Universities can share their information with people. 

Based on national and international commitments, Afghan Government is supposed to provide learning opportunities for people, and provide opportunities for them to access and learn about the developing and innovative discussions about education. 

Meanwhile, the Constitutions of Afghanistan orders the Government to establish general and specialized institutions of higher education. Also, the expansion of education is strongly emphasized in this Constitutions. 

Ministry of Higher Education is, therefore, supposed to make reliable frameworks for the goodness and balance of the Universities which can empower the quality of the Universities. Moreover, the Afghan National Development Strategy (ANDS) also emphasizes that Afghans should be granted with quality higher education. 

The administration of Paktia University strives to make this foundation of higher education to meet the needs that would cause development of Afghanistan. These issues are preserved in the plan and policy of Higher Education. The strategic plan of Paktia University is also based upon this policy. This will make it to bring public prosperity, fallow and prioritize national values, and achieve good international position and credit. 

Our responsibility in this regard is to provide opportunities for learning and research for all of those who are eligible based on the requirements of higher education. This is because to have enough professionals and experienced cadres to brighten and stabilize the future of Afghanistan, and the current problems are to be solved of the country. 

In the upcoming years,  we will focus more on the quality in order to offer standard education equivalent to the standard education of international universities. 

To get this goal, I call upon all the countrymen, national merchants, and Government to support us in order to provide cadres and professionals for the service of the society who deserve international credit and are equipped with international standard.

Finally, we expect from all the writers, lecturers of the university, and students to let us have their academic issues, ideas, and inspirations related to higher education on the website. Thus, the website will be enriched and the University will get further advancements. 


                                                      Pohanmal Obaidullah Akhundzada 

                                 Chancellor of Paktia University