Paktia University

Tue, Jun 21 2022 12:33 PM

Paktia University
June 21, 2022

Cricket tournament ends in Paktia university

In this tournament eight teams participated which played for nearly two weeks. In final match the team of Economics faculty played against Agriculture faculty team, in which Economics faculty team won the match by 32 runs and got the championship.
Chancellor of Paktia university Obiadullah Akhonzada thanked from the sport group of university and praised both teams.
Members of sport group explained that thier target is clear to motivate students for sporting and selecting a good cricket team for Paktia university. 

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Tue, May 16 2023 9:28 AM
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د ۱۴۴۴ کال، شوال ۲۰مه، پکتیا پوهنتون

د پکتیا پوهنتون اړوند تدریسي روغتون له چارو څخه د نړیوالو عاجلو طبي مرستو موسسې مسؤلینو لیدنه وکړه.
د پکتیا پوهنتون علمي چارو مرستیال د نړیوالو عاجلو طبي مرستو موسسې له مسؤلینو څخه د. . .

Wed, May 10 2023 2:07 PM
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د ۱۴۴۴ کال، شوال ۱۷مه، پکتیا پوهنتون

پکتیا پوهنتون کې د تضمین کیفیت کمېټې ناسته د پوهنتون د رئیس پوهنمل عبیدالله اخندزاده تر مشرۍ لاندې ترسره شوه.
ناسته کې چې د علــمي چارو مرستیال پوهنمل سیف الرحمن روهي، مالي او اداري چارو. . .

Sat, May 06 2023 2:57 PM
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11th Shawal 1444 AH, Paktia University

11th Shawal 1444 AH, Paktia University

 An anti-littering campaign aimed environmental protection was launched at Paktia University. At this campaign university's chancellor Senior. . .